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We approach the process of generating leads with a clear and concise strategy. By using targeted advertising, we inform people on the benefits of solar energy. This allows us to provide our clients with hot and ready customers.

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Qualified Customers

We generate highly qualified customers due to our advanced targeting techniques. We find you people who are searching for solar with strong buying intent.

Exclusive Leads

Our leads are completely exclusive. We will not sell them to any other companies. It’s much easier to close a deal with a customer who hasn’t been tossed around multiple times.

Pre-Set Appointments

We generate pre-set appointments through marketing strategies and our scheduling software, giving our clients a stream of qualified prospects to meet with.
Extracting Solar Data
We have amassed a vast amount of information from homeowners. We have invested thousands of dollars to gather this data. We utilize this data in our solar campaigns to provide our clients with "credit qualified" homeowners.
Ad Campaign Creation
We use solar offers that target specific needs rather than using generic advertisements that people have been exposed to for a long time. This allows us to outperform solar companies that have monthly marketing budgets in the six to seven figure range.
Qualification Funnel
To better inform homeowners who are interested in switching to solar power, we utilize a solar funnel instead of a basic "Facebook lead form ad." Within this funnel, we qualify them and make sure they're eligible for your programs.
A.I. Automation
Once a lead meets the requirements , they are prompted to schedule an appointment on your calendar. We use SMS and email sequences to educate and inform homeowners who have shown interest in switching to solar.

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