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How We Started

Gener8 Solar started as an idea and turned into something much more than that. With our team having many years experience in the solar industry, we wanted to find a way to make the whole process of going solar much easier. We found that most people didn’t have the time or didn’t have the patience to deal with the hard selling of most solar companies. We created Gener8 Solar to help people see if they qualify for the most popular solar programs while not being bombarded by traditional sales tactics.

What We Do

We have a in-house team that will call you to see if you qualify to go solar. A series of questions are asked in reference to the specific qualifications that the most popular solar programs require. Once you are qualified, we will set you up for a completely free consultation with one of our solar partners. The solar companies that we partner with are highly rated licensed professionals that are there to make the solar process as easy as possible for you.

Our Mission

At Gener8 Solar, we strive to provide the best for our customers and to make the solar process fast, easy, and with no strings attached. We want our customers to feel satisfied after our interaction and get the knowledge about solar that they deserve. Many solar companies try to send an endless amount of emails and messages to you once you enter any sort of information in. With Gener8 Solar, we allow people to get the information that they need without having to endure the unneeded sales calls.

Find Out If You Qualify For Solar Today!

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